March 18, 2024


We hear all the time about different trades falling short of the mark when it comes to total and complete professionalism. Well I must say this company gives me restored faith in businesses today. From the outset of first contact to the prompt timing on site to measure, quote and all through the process from start to finish, was an absolute pleasure to deal with a team who when asked about certain hurdles, nothing was a problem. The process flowed flawlessly in the most professional way than I have ever seen in a long long time.

I must take my hat off to not only Daniel my first point of call and joint owner, though through to Central Air as a business and their very professional team onsite. They worked together like clockwork. A pleasure to watch for a bunch of up n coming young fellas. There was no bickering, swearing, or any foul body language whatsoever. When I thought old school was a trait of the past?, these guys came in and not only restored that faith, they took it to another level. I would strongly recommend these guys for any A/C package and when I build again down the track, these guys will without a doubt get a call. Cheers all involved, including all office staff who I’m sure work tirelessly behind the scenes, to complete a very professional package.

Central Air – Your professionalism has excelled in every corner possible. I raise my glass

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